Basic exercises in bodybuilding


Very often beginners, having come to the gym, face the problem of choosing basic exercises. After all, bodybuilding exercises for beginning athletes are very many, some of them are more effective for gaining muscle mass and increasing strength, others less.

We present you a list of exercises in bodybuilding for beginners, which must necessarily be part of your training program.

Pulling up a wide grip

The wider the grip, the more your latissimus muscles (back) will work, so the effectiveness of this exercise for the back also increases. We recommend that you take it as broadly as possible if you want to have a wide back. The range of approaches and repetitions: 4×8 or 3×12, it is also possible to enter for a change a hare (start with one pull-up, with minimal rest and end with ten repetitions, then all the same, only in the reverse order) or pulling up with additional weighed (weight).

Bench press lying on a horizontal bench

Bench press lying on the horizontal bench The bar lying down, like the basic, basic exercise for building up the pectoral muscles. The wider the grip, the more chest will be included in the work, respectively, than already, the more the load will shift to the triceps. For beginners, it is enough to have one, bench, with a constant grip, that is, the classic bench press lying on a horizontal bench.



One of the most effective exercises for increasing the total muscle mass of the athlete, and at the same time, one of the most traumatic exercises in bodybuilding, with the wrong technique of its execution. Therefore, before you perform this exercise, put yourself a technique, and then, gradually build up the working weight. In the deadlift, almost all the muscles work, starting from the trapeziums, ending with the gluteal muscles, therefore it is one of the most important exercises in the arsenal of the beginning athlete.

Depending on the execution of the deadlift (classical or thrust of sumo), different muscle groups work. The first version of the deadlift is mainly used by bodybuilders, the second option is mostly powerlifters). In any case, learn how to do both the first option, and the second, then in the future, you can easily determine which version of the deadlift is closer to you anatomically (as a rule, what technique is higher, this is used in the future).

Bodybuilding – Squats with a barbell on the shoulders

The best exercise for building a rough muscle mass of the legs (thighs and buttocks). In this exercise, try to keep your back as straight as possible, bend into the lower back. Squats should be just below the parallel. This exercise can be performed in two main versions, bodybuilding technique – a narrow setting of the legs, and powerlifting equipment – the legs are placed quite widely. In the first case, the load goes mainly to the external part of the thigh, and in the second, to the inner part. Council, for all beginners: not to experiment, do not change a hundred times the squat technique, find your technique, squat technique, with which you are easier, comfort squat, and perfect it to professionalism. In any case, no matter what technique you use for squatting with a bar for yourself, whether it’s a wide setting, or a narrow setting of the legs, both variants of performance very effectively increase muscle mass.
Once again, this list of exercises in bodybuilding for beginners is the minimum that is reported to enter your training program at the initial stage of training (2-3 years of regular training in the gym). Your main task is to build yourself a muscle corset, thereby to protect yourself from injury to training in the future.

Success in bodybuilding, from many factors depends, starting from your genetics, ending with your personal character, the focus on the result. It often happens that a genetically gifted athlete, does not achieve anything serious in bodybuilding, because of banal laziness, and at the same time, with a modest genetics guy, attains great heights in bodybuilding, because of his moral-strong-willed qualities and character. Therefore, do not be upset if your body type is not very predisposed to doing bodybuilding. The person did not lose until he acknowledged his defeat, so strive, achieve goals, heights in sport, but of course do not forget about your inner world.