Exercises with large weights

large weights

Exercises with large weights are used by very many athletes in their training, because this is a very effective method of progressing the load in the gym, which forces your muscles and strength to grow, with the proper planning of the training process.

Progress in the gym

Progress in training, you can not only the usual way for everyone, increasing the working weight in the exercise, that is, the desire to work as much as possible with a lot of weight on the projectile, but also:

  • Reducing the amount of rest between approaches
  • Increase the number of approaches / reps in the exercise
  • Increase the number of exercises for one training session

That is, the main principle of progression of load in the gym is to reduce the time of muscle recovery from training to training, while maintaining a high result when performing exercises and increasing the time of muscles under load.

large weights

And now we move smoothly to our trainings with large weights (working with a heavy barbell for a small number of repetitions), which you can use in your arsenal when planning your workouts.

Training with a large weights

Training with a lot of weight, it is always a heavy training option for 1-4 repetitions in the exercise, the purpose of which is to stimulate the growth of muscle mass, and, as the main thing, increase the athlete’s strength.

So the person is arranged that it is always hard, with heavy weights (85-100% of working weight), he can not train, otherwise, there will be very fast overtraining, the weights will fall, the muscle mass will decrease, the probability of injury will increase. Therefore, heavy training with large weights should be trained with light (50-60%) and medium (65-80%). This might look something like this:

  • 1st day – average workouts
  • 2nd day – rest
  • 3rd day – light workouts
  • 4th day – rest
  • 5th day – rest
  • 6th day – heavy workouts
  • 7th day – rest
  • 8th day – average workouts
  • 9th day – rest
  • 10th day – light workouts
  • 11th day – rest
  • 12th day – rest
  • 13th day – heavy workouts
  • 14th day – rest

Choosing exercises with a lot of weight in the preparation of training programs

In all the diversity of exercises for bodybuilding, it is necessary to allocate important and not very important exercises, at this or that stage of the training process. Proceeding from the fact that the bulk of readers reading this site, beginners or advanced athletes, it must be stressed that the emphasis of training with large weights should go to the basic exercises for muscle groups. Usually, when planning a workout, in his diary, the athlete marks light, medium and heavy workouts with squats on the shoulders, bench press on the horizontal bench and deadlift. If you are counter-indicative of squatting with a barbell, you can, for example, replace it with a bench press, or bend / unbend legs in the simulator, the deadlift can be replaced by hyperextension, but this is only in exceptional cases, in all others, try adhere to the above basic exercises on the muscles, always with the correct technique of implementation.

The second important point in performing exercises with large weights is the time taken for the recovery of the trained muscles after the load. The more muscle, the more time it takes for a complete recovery. Therefore, for example, the muscles of the legs or back, much longer recovered than the muscles of the hands. And this means that triceps or biceps can be trained more often with heavy weights without fear of overtraining than quadriceps or “muscle pillars”. Therefore, the principle of periodization of the load, alternating light, medium and heavy training.

The aspiration of newcomers to large weights on simulators is a waste of time and energy, give it to bodybuilding professionals who have already built themselves huge volumes of muscle mass.

Training with large weights, expends in the body a huge amount of energy (creatine phosphate, glycogen), wear joints. Therefore, training with the maximum or about the maximum working weights, you must give the body a full rest, adequate recovery, otherwise everything can end in a hospital bed.