Exercises for muscle mass

Exercises for muscle mass

A beginner athlete in bodybuilding, and just an athlete of lean physique, often poses the question of choosing which exercises will be best for levying muscle mass. Exercises for muscle mass that can be performed in the gym very much, and in all this diversity you can get confused, and go on the wrong path, listen to the “right” advice, from the “pseudo” and absolutely nothing to achieve, no progress in the growth of muscle mass. Therefore, we will give you, only proven advice, from the professionals of your business (bodybuilding). You, dear reader, remain to carefully read and translate everything into practice.

The choice of exercises for muscle mass

For each group of muscles, there are exercises that purposefully train them. So, for example, for the biceps it is lifting the bar to the biceps standing or lifting dumbbells to the biceps in Scott’s bench, for the back this is a vertical pull with a wide grip or pull rod in the slope with a back grip, so you can continue this list for a long time. However, not all exercises need to be performed in the gym, in order to gain weight.

Exercises are primarily divided into two types, these are isolating and basic, that is, for each muscle group, there are exercises that will either be insulating or basic.

Isolating exercises (single-joint) involve in their work one group of muscles, and the basic ones involve several groups of muscles, they are also called multi-joint exercises for muscle mass.

Exercises for muscle mass

In professional bodybuilding, the emphasis is on isolating, which can not be said, for example, about powerlifting, where work is almost always only with basic exercises, in force (2-4 repetitions).

Very often, beginners, coming to the gym, do not know where to start, or start a training with an incorrect training program, as it happens, peeped by professional bodybuilders. Of course, such programs will work on experienced bodybuilders, because they have formed a muscular cassette for a long time, the mass of the muscular is formed in large volumes, they only have to grope it with isolating exercises, connecting as basic additions. This approach to training will not be the right one for a beginner, and nothing but throwing away money for the wind for a subscription and sports nutrition you will not earn. Therefore, we must initially choose the right path to the growth of the cherished muscle mass.

For a long time, all athletes, both bodybuilders and weightlifters (with a large muscle mass), use simple, time-tested exercises that were, are, and will be the best exercises for muscle mass. This is primarily a deadlift, a barbell bench press, a squat with a barbell, a pull on the bar and a barbell press standing from the chest and from behind the head.

The problem of many guys in the gym, which dream of swinging, to gain a decent amount of muscle mass, is, first of all, improper training and nutrition, if the restoration is at least as respected (sleep 7-8 hours), then the training and diet leave much to be desired.

The Golden Rules for Recruiting Masses

Remember one golden rule: only heavy, basic exercises can build you a powerful muscular corset, on which you will build up over time large volumes of muscle mass. No wiring with dumbbells, attacks with a barbell, dumbbell lifts on biceps and other insulating exercises can not so effectively stimulate the growth of muscle mass, give impetus to the development of muscles in general, like squatting with a barbell on the shoulders, bench press lying on a horizontal bench and deadlift . On how to combine these exercises competently, in which days to carry out, in what quantity the repetition and repetitions, read in a separate article – a training program for beginners in the gym.

Well, the second important rule is frequent meals, really high-quality products, not fast foods, and other unnecessary foods that are not useful for the body, except for excess kcal, in the form of fast carbohydrates and fats (try to gain excess kcal for recruitment mass, through other foodstuffs useful for an organism).

Frequent, reusable (6-8) meals high-quality food, pledge of muscle mass, of course with adequate training and recovery. By high-quality food, it means food rich in proteins of high biological value (eggs, cottage cheese, milk, meat, cheese, fish, seafood, protein), unsaturated fats or omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids (pumpkin seeds, walnuts, flaxseed oil, tuna, sunflower oil), complex carbohydrates (macaroni, buckwheat, potatoes, cereals, rice), of course you can dilute this list with fast carbohydrates (sugar, honey, jam, white bread, noodles, buns) for those who are not inclined to excess sets weight.

In order for the body weight to grow, you need to create an excess of kcal in the body, that is, you need to consume more calories than you waste. Or, you can make it easier, as soon as you feel hungry, start eating (average interval between meals about 2 hours). Also do not forget that you need to start the day with carbohydrates, and finish protein foods, because at the beginning of the day we are active, we need energy, and in the evening, on the contrary, the work capacity decreases, and the work includes proteins, building materials of muscles.

In summary, the best basic exercises in bodybuilding for the collection of GENERAL muscle mass will be: deadlift, squats with a barbell, bench press lying on a horizontal bench, pulling on the bar with a wide grip, and standing bar press, this is the optimal set of exercises that must be included in your training program, especially for beginners, if we talk about isolation exercises, then there are very many good people, they all beat purposefully, on a certain group of muscles, but they are all much more Less effective for mass recruitment, if you are a beginner, or even an experienced athlete.

First, you need to build muscle mass with the above exercises, in this list you can add some other, not so much mandatory basic exercises for muscle mass, for example, lifting the bar to the biceps, pushing away from the bars, and then, to connect isolated exercises, to form the relief of muscles.

As you can see how to gain weight, while observing these simple and at the same time requiring self-discipline from the person simply, do not rush the event, let the body re-arrange for a new, sportive lifestyle, and in time you will see how your muscle mass will grow, you will become stronger, more beautiful, and, of course, sexier.