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Substance: Fluoxymesterone (Halotestin)
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Halotestin 5mg (Fluoxymesterone) is preformed anabolic steroid with strong androgenic and a relatively weak anabolic effect. Mainly used to enhance strength, density, muscularity and aggression, without increasing total body mass. In view of the specific activity halotestin is used primarily by power athletes who want to increase a weight category, and also in Boxing and other combat sports before an event. Fluoxymesterone is very toxic to the liver. The exact mechanism of action is still not fully understood, it is assumed preceptories effect on muscles.

The action of Halotestin 5mg (Fluoxymesterone)

The increase of aggression.
The enhancement of hardness and relief of the muscles.
Possible slight increase in muscle mass (especially in the long run).
Stimulation of hemoglobin synthesis (increased endurance). Receiving Fluoxymesterone helps to increase oxygen mass blood. The body produces more number of red blood cells, the muscles supplied more oxygen. Increased productivity, reduced acidification.
Reduction of body fat. According to studies, the drug accelerates the oxidation of fatty acids in fast muscle fibers. However, reducing weight is never a the main purpose of admission Fluoxymesterone due to its high toxicity. The effect is rather minor.
How to take a course from Zhengzhou Fluoxymesterone 10mg in bodybuilding (manual).

Due to the fact that halotestin (also called halotest) gives the muscles a more complete look, it is used in bodybuilding preparation for a competition. Its big advantage is the creation of a more dense and complete adding the body over a relatively short period of time. The course is usually built with a length of 4-6 weeks, the average dose from 10 mg daily to 40 mg.

To combine Halotestin 5mg (Fluoxymesterone) is possible with testosterone propionate, Sustanon, Masteron, stanozolol, clenbuterol, nadrolone phenyl propionate, acetate trenbolone. For example, a significant increase results in the martial arts can be a course of preparation in the dose of 10-15 mg a day and testosterone suspension or testosterone propionate in the dosage is 150-300 mg in weeks. To make such a course is for a period of 6 weeks. The above combination of anabolic steroids can be safely used for the swimmers who do intend to get the best results.

Halotestin 5mg (Fluoxymesterone) is used for fat-burning, as will involve the burning of body fat. Combinations are actually very a lot of. Still want to note that the dosage is selected individually for specific purposes, so feel free to consult us and take the drug as efficiently as possible.

In order to get the maximum effect you must first allow your workouts, nutrition and daily routine in General, at the appropriate level to achieve their goals. To receive recommend to use when your chemical experience will be completed less strong drugs. For women not recommended associated with the drug, or at least do not exceed the dosage of the drug, to do a course not too long and in cases of virilization to discontinue the course.

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