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Description Oxanabol, 5mg

Oxanabol, 5mg – steroid with low anabolic activity, which stimulates the synthesis of creatine phosphate in muscle cells, thereby increasing muscular strength.

The active substance is Oxandrolone, which was originally developed for women and children, so Oxanabol 50 mg is characterized by a mild action and when the prescribed dose has no side effects.

Oxanabol, 5mg: creation, use, dosage

Oxandrolone, the active substance Oxanabol created in 1964 by the pharmaceutical company Searle (USA), to stimulate growth in children and women suffering from osteoporosis. Oxanabol promotes protein synthesis and inhibits the body required for this substance. In addition, Oxanabol, 5mg keeps calcium, which promotes the growth and strengthening of the skeleton.

Athletes, primarily athletes, quickly assessed the property of the drug to increase strength. Oxanabol also used the “security forces” who want to improve their performance, but to remain in the same weight category.

For those athletes who have contraindications to testosterone, Oxanabol – perhaps the only alternative which allows to achieve high results. In combination with other steroids the use of Oxanabol stimulates the growth of quality muscles.

Women who take Oxanabol, 5mg should not exceed the daily dose of 20-40 mg. subject to such dosage in women showed no signs of masculinization and other side effects. In the same doses is recommended Oxanabol athletes-athletes.

Male body builders for significant increase in power performance is recommended to use at least 50 mg and 150 mg of Oxanabol per day during cycles as when the individual taking the drug, and in combination with other agents, and between cycles of 30-40 mg per day.

For women Oxanabol, 5mg is one of the best medications, as it gives the opportunity to improve sport performance and to keep the femininity. Besides, Oxanabol not conducive to virilization. The drug also exerts inhibitory effects on the growth and helps young athletes to achieve high results both in the light and heavy athletics.

Daily dose Oxanabol, 5mg can be divided into 3 doses, as a period of “life” of the active substance 8-9 hours. At any dose Oxanabol steroid does not aromatize and the level of female hormones in the male body is not increased. Increasing the dose does not contribute to the rapid recruitment of muscle mass. Oxanabol does not affect the body’s production of testosterone.

If You have not taken Oxanabol, item description will help You understand the nature of substances and the feasibility of its application in accordance with Your tasks.

Oxanabol in combination with other drugs

Oxanabol enhances the action of some anabolic steroids, so it is especially effective in combination with methandienone or oxymetholone. Between cycles Oxanabol taken together with andriol or Methenolone.

Athletes who have problems when taking testosterone on the course, Oxanabol can be combined with nandrolone decanoate. When “drying” the preparation has shown good results in combination with clenbuterol, fluoxymesterone and stanozolol.

Oxanabol in combinations with these drugs helps in the short term to increase not watery volume, namely quality muscles as when taking the excess fluid does not accumulate in muscle tissue.

Oxanabol: collection and preservation of muscle mass, preparation for competitions

Weight cannot be considered the main purpose Oxanabol, but in combination with other drugs it gives a positive result when weight. It also retains the accrued weight of between masonboro cycles, especially in combination with testosterone undecanoate.

Oxanabol Tablets – an effective tool for “drying”. Many researchers have Oxandrolone, the active substance Oxanabol, properties burning fat, but this feature is more pronounced when dieting. This feature is attributed to the fact that Oxanabol has the ability to the stabilization of androgen receptors and increase their number, especially in body fat.

Fat burning, increase muscle strength, giving them rigidity Oxanobol make the perfect means of preparing the athlete for competition. In addition, the metabolites Oxanabol from British Dragon are removed from the body fast enough for 10-12 days, which makes it interesting for the competing athletes undergoing doping tests.

Oxanabol is one of the most safe steroid drugs, as virtually has no side effects. However, his acting steroid is considered potentially dangerous to the liver as any oral steroid. Otherwise Oxanabol has no side effects on the body, including does not affect the production of androgen testosterone.

Before use of the drug need to find out for what purposes and how to take Oxanabol for optimum effect, especially because the excess dose does not give absolutely no positive result. Those who adhere to the recommended dosage, taking Oxanabol, side effects were not identified at the duration of continuous use of not more than two months.

Conventionally, a side effect is the decrease in appetite when taking Oxanabol, although in a certain way it helps to lose weight. In addition, many athletes taking Oxanabol, noted stomach discomfort, and some even observed disorder of the gastrointestinal tract.

Also Oxanabol can cause headaches and high blood pressure. However, there is reason to believe that such symptoms are observed in cases when the athletes take Oxanabol, exceeding the recommended dose.

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